Dying on your feet…

This song came on my iPod Saturday as my boys and I were on our way home from the baseball game. They’d never heard it before, and both are serious music addicts, with a pretty wide range of flavor. So, they listened intently, and then offered their own commentary…from the ripe wizened ages of 9 and 11.

The 11 year old said that it was, in fact, an awesome song…because life is meant to be lived…and living means sometimes you fall off your bike and sometimes you skin your knees and sometimes you’re trying to do something that’s really hard, but that’s what it’s about. “Life is not tried it is merely survived…”
The 9 year old agreed, as little brothers are wont to do, saying that it’s better to play and be in the middle of it all than to just watch everything going on because you’re too afraid to try.

Needless to say, I was stunned that my children had such amazing insight for such very young ages. Stunned, then impressed, because they’re right.

We’ve had several people come in to see if they can *watch* a class, try to test the waters before they jump in.

That’s great, but that’s not what this is about. This is about trying something that’s going to make you uncomfortable, by design, and pushing past it. This is about overcoming your day, your fears, your work, your world, your distractions, and DOING something. Maybe you love barbells but are afraid of box jumps. Guess what, you still have to do them. Maybe you love box jumps but are afraid of barbells…haha sucker. Still gotta move the weight.

Life isn’t about going through it and being comfortable, and easy. Life is about growth and change and waking up tomorrow better than you did today. That’s what this whole thing…that’s the reason. Life is about looking at whatever is kicking you down and saying “F*ck you, you’re not going to beat me.”

You won’t win if you don’t try. You won’t even place. You’ll never grow, you’ll never get better, you’ll never become. You’ll simply stagnate and then you’ll die…without a legacy of having lived. Screw that. Get in and get dirty and make people remember you. Fearless, powerful, compassionate, honest, reliable, consistent, happy…those people aren’t spectators. They’re participants.

Life is about participation…so jump in. If you fall down, get up. If you stumble, right yourself. If you need a leg up, take it, then keep going.

It never gets easy. You just keep moving the weight, and waking up better and better.


One Response to “Dying on your feet…”

  1. Becky Says:

    Loved this song, video and message-so true!

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