Find what you are…

We all put on a bit of a show, every day. We even find ways to hide…either within the group or by just fading into the background. It’s a natural self defense mechanism – we’ve all been hurt, kicked around, pushed around, let down, and disappointed. Sometimes it feels like the only way to cope is to put on your sunglasses, pull your hat down low, and hunch your shoulders as you walk through.

But I would wager that’s not who you are. Any of you. I would wager that you all, just like I do, want to be able to go through life with smiles for friends, good company surrounding you, and a real sense of authenticity for what you’re doing.

The “you” I want is the one behind the glasses and hat. The one who wants to stand with square shoulders. The one with the smile and the belly laugh. That real you. Artistic, logical, creative, linear, progressive, old fashioned, liberal, conservative…whatever YOU really are, I want that.

Some people are old souls, and they find themselves early on. Others have a slower maturation process. There’s peace, though, in finding out who you are, because once you find out who you are, you start learning your capabilities, and how far you can push them.

Getting better here means finding who you are…that process is uncomfortable. It takes a certain amount of self-honesty…an ability to bare your soul to yourself, question your motives, realize that you’ve got flaws and you’ve got to work on them…knowing they’ll never completely go away, but you can still know they exist and make the choice to overcome them.

Find who you are, so you can work to make the real you…the one you’ve been afraid to show the world…better. Find who you are, and you’ll strip that fear away, and you’ll be proud of who and what you see in the mirror. Find who you are and make the choice to be better…every…damn…day.


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