My will//your will

Come try it…it’s gonna hurt. If the barbell could talk before the WOD, that’s what it would say.

You know that little whisper is the truth. There’s no question that your shop is about to get wrecked.

You’re more than likely a little afraid, somewhat intimidated, and fully aware that it’s gonna suck.

So…how do you DO it?

There’s this awesome mental hurdle you need to accept exists…and then you…just…do.

I was asked how you overcome that “This is hard” thought in your mind. Man. I wish I could describe it. I’ve had a very blessed life, to be honest, but I’ve also had just about the gamut of shitty experiences a person could have with one exception that I can’t even voice because it’s such an incredible fear of mine. Other than that, I’ve been pushed around, assaulted verbally and physically, homeless. I’ve had loaded weapons pointed in my face, lost damn near every thing I had, had to restart my life multiple times. I’ve been left abandoned. I’ve been left wondering what the bleeding hell I’m going to do now to push through this haze of physical, mental, and emotional pain and get through the day. Thank the deity of your choice for good friends, good family, and more than a lot of luck. The combination of those three factors has gotten me through a whole heap of trouble in my life.
There were days I wanted to curl up in a ball and give it all to someone else to handle. Let someone else make the decisions and run things. Let someone else be responsible for all of the fallout. I wanted to not have to worry about any of the bad things happening. I wanted to lay in bed and hide from the world.

But I did not. It wasn’t an option. The only option was to press forward and make today better than yesterday.

I don’t understand relenting to the “This is hard” thought. EVERYTHING IS HARD. Getting out of bed to face a day full of unknowns is hard. But you have to do it.

Doing what needs to be done. It’s something that just is. Standing still, being stagnant and unchanging…that is not an option. To stand still and let life bowl you over…that’s to fail. You’re not defined by how much happens, or what’s on the bar, you’re defined by how you handle what happens, and whether you even try to move the bar.

Nike truly has it right…just do it. You pick it up and you move it and you do it. And, you do it knowing you’ll be done soon. Eventually, quickly even, this task will end. You’ll move on to the next one.

If you’re smart, you’ll look at what’s happening before you react, and you’ll make a decision before you take action, so when you take action, you’re bettering the situation.

Just do it. Pick it up, move it, go, and keep moving. There really isn’t another option. You can walk away, but that’s you looking in the mirror every morning and living with yourself. I can’t do that. I can’t look into my own eyes and know I’m weak.


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