The good stuff..

CrossFit is the good stuff.

But it’s not the good stuff because of the workouts, or the gym, or the pullups, or the tires. Those things can, honestly, be found anywhere. Programming takes some finesse, and a good trainer knows and remembers to tweak things constantly, trying to improve the skillset for each member. Having equipment most gyms don’t have is awesome. Being able to grunt and scream and throw it around is even better. Doing things in the box that globo-gyms won’t let you do…awesomesauce.

Even so, that’s not what makes CrossFit the good stuff.

The good stuff is you guys. The good stuff is your good natured “SQUIRREL!” pursuits. It’s you guys staying around and cheering on your peers. It’s y’all encouraging someone in the middle of the work out. The good stuff is you wanting to hang out away from the pain cave.

The camaraderie, the awareness, the positive energy…it’s all absolutely essential to our success as a group. The feeling of acceptance and comfort is what makes you want to come in and get UNcomfortable for just a little while. Knowing that people are there FOR you…well, it creates a sense of accountability and responsibility for the workout.

You guys and your willingness to get grimy are what makes this place so awesome.

So thank you for that…it means so very much more than you know.


4 Responses to “The good stuff..”

  1. Meghan Says:

    I disagree. Jamie, you may be able to find tires, pull up bars, and medicine balls anywhere but none of that matters if you don’t have a good trainer. Not even just a good trainer but a good person. And you Jamie White, you are a very rare breed. We may be additional good stuff to this box, but this box wouldn’t be this box, nor would any of us be who, what, and where we are today without you. So, correction, we are not the source. The good stuff is you, the source that makes us Crossfitters.

  2. Becky Says:

    I must agree with some of meghan’s comment. Having been both teacher and student in this life I know a good teacher when I am instructed by one. I am here at XFNA instead of somewhere else precisely because of the excellent coaching and training from Jamie. Though I have several physical weaknesses and challenges to overcome, she still helps me continue to find ways to work through them. There are places where you are ignored if you don’t cut it at the beginning or if your progress is not as speedy as those around you. That has not been the case at XFNA. A really good instructor sees the value in each student and helps them reach their specific goals as individuals. That’s not an easy task-but Jamie is doing it-and doing it well! The coach is the source of the “good stuff” and we are the result of being recipients. Thank you Jamie for sticking it out w/us when the going gets tough. You are the best!

    • I genuinely appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

      But it wouldn’t be possible without you guys. I’m doing my job – I want everyone to succeed in the things y’all have come here for!

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