The WODs you should all experience…

There are just some things you guys ALL need to get a piece of…

1. The Benchmark – whether it’s Fran, Grace, Annie, or any of the other girls…There’s something to be said for underestimating them the first time, trying it, and getting your ass kicked. Somehow that changes you…makes you want to take it on a gain.
2. The Hero WOD – Murph. Badger. DT. Pick one and tackle it. RX’d if you can. See how that works for you…find the zone just between the suck point and quitting and push through. Then remember the person you’re honoring.
3. The Total – Everyone needs to know how much weight they can move. Period. This shouldn’t even be a question.
4. The Quickie – The AMRAP you look at and say “8 minutes? PSh. I GOT this.” and then discover that what’s on paper vs what’s in reality are two entirely different things.
5. The Squat Tabata – You’ve not had jelly legs until you’ve hit 8 rounds of hard and fast squats. There are no words to describe the next two days while DOMS kicks your ass, takes your name, and doesn’t even give you a kiss for the trouble.
6. The Barbell Complex – It’s a natural progression of the movements and lifts, performed under a moderate load. It’s perfect.

Why do you need these WODs? Because each one is guaranteed to test you mentally as well as physically. Some of them hurt while you’re doing it, and some of them leave you weak kneed two days later.
And they’re all WODs you can improve upon. Benchmarks, tabatas, totals those numbers are all meant to change. You can see what you’re doing and how you’re doing it and how much better you’re getting at it all. So don’t fear them. Tackle ’em head on.


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