Alright guys.
We’re in a small space. I say that, and have to tell you that it’s nearly QUADRUPLE the space we were in before.
Nonetheless, it’s still pretty cramped when we put 9-10 people in there. Especially when all 9 or 10 bodies are flopping around, moving weight, and trying to get work done.
That’s cool.
What’s NOT cool, however, is dropping barbells from overhead. Or slinging kettlebells. Or leaving equipment out of place, knotted up, or jumbled.

The latter is simply inconsiderate to me and your fellow CrossFitters. The former – That’s dangerous. So just to clear it up…
1. DO NOT drop barbells from overhead. They’re not made for that. If you must drop them, control the drop from the waist or below. Overhead drops = 10 burpee penalty. I mean it.
2. DO NOT drop kettlebells. Ever. They’re not made for that. They’re expensive to replace, and more importantly, they’re heavy. If they hit anyone, there’s gonna be a major problem.
3. DO NOT LEAVE GEAR OUT. It has a place. Put it back. If you don’t, there’s a 10 burpee penalty. Me having to come in after a class and put things up is not happening. I’m your trainer, not your wife, and not your mother…it is NOT my job to clean up your mess.

Simple enough, right?


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