Some days are just auto-pilot days. You’re moving. You’re breathing. You’re working your tasks.

But your heart isn’t in it. The only thing you’ve got to give is your presence. You’ve read the board. You’ve prepared yourself for the workout…and still…you’re going through the motions.

It happens.

And, it’s okay.

Sometimes, to get through whatever’s in your head…you’ve got to just go up to the bar, grip it, and just freaking DO it. At that point it isn’t about how much weight you’re moving, it’s about the fact you’re moving weight. It isn’t about how fast you’re moving, it’s that you’re moving at all. It’s not about the clock, or the load, or who’s around you, it’s about clearing your head and doing what you have to do until you can call TIME.

Sometimes, going through the motions is what gets us through. Once you go through the motions, you look around and realize that damn, that wasn’t as hard as you thought it’d be.

The barbell is all about the motions. It doesn’t care if you’re sad. It’s not going to ask you what’s wrong. It doesn’t want you to talk. It doesn’t want an explanation for what’s going on. It’s not going to judge you for the thoughts running through your head. It’s all about you moving it. Move the bar, put it down, do it again.

So if you’re here…and you’re on auto-pilot…chalk up, grab the bar, and go.


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