Hard and easy….

I posted an article on our Facebook about a woman in Canada on the waiting list for bariatric surgery. The list is 10 years long, and she finds this small fact…well, a bit unfair. She says she needs it RIGHT NOW to save her life. She, and several ‘experts’, feel that changing her diet and lifestyle is too hard.

Let me tell you about hard.

Hard is a soldier coming home from a deployment mentally and physically wounded. Learning to walk again after meeting up with an IED. Going through the excruciating process of rehabilitation after spending months in ICU at BAMC for burns.
Hard is holding your child while he draws his last breath. Knowing that nothing you can do…nothing anyone can do at this point…is going to save his life…and letting him go in peace.
Hard is rebuilding your home and family after a devastating fire or natural disaster…picking up the pieces and putting it all right again.
Hard is many many many things…but hard is NOT changing your lifestyle to better your health and wellbeing. That’s not easy, it IS difficult, but it’s not hard. It’s just something you have to do.

Ultimately, in this case, hard is an excuse. It’s an excuse for the feeble willed who won’t do something they don’t like doing (“I don’t liiiiike vegetables.”) because they think there’s an easier way where they won’t have to sacrifice.

ANYTHING you want comes with sacrifice. You sacrifice your money to buy the nice car, house, clothes, and shoes. You sacrifice your time to get your money. You sacrifice your sleep and your freedoms to take care of your kids. None of this is negotiable. You want nice things, you HAVE to earn money to give to the vendor to have them. You want children, you accept that responsibility knowing that there are going to be mornings when the alarm goes off too early and nights when you’d rather be at the bar shooting pool than sitting at home rocking a colicky baby.
But those are things you…just…DO.

Don’t tell me this is too hard. Standing before me and saying “Yeah, I would eat vegetables, but they’re so gross! It’s hard to incorporate them into my diet because they’re all ewwie…can’t I just eat less of XXXXXXXX food?” is going to earn you a contemptuous snort and a dismissal. It’s not hard. Open your mouth and chew them. Wash them down with water.
I used to HATE brussels sprouts. They smell funny. I still think they smell funny. But I eat them. I figured out that I can eat them with feta cheese and hummus and they’re not awful at all. Or I can roast them in the oven with bacon grease drizzled over them. Point is, my body needed nourishment so one day I choked them down. They’ve been a regular part of my meals since then.

We live in a country with a surplus of food. Finding food that is healthy to eat is NOT HARD. It’s a matter of choice. You must CHOOSE to do what’s right for your body.

It’s not hard. You just have to stop being weak.


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