The mental game is the roughest…

Excellent reading from our very own Lennon!

A few days ago I set a new personal record for the jerk and the clean-and-jerk. The numbers aren’t particularly impressive but my c&j was 145 and my jerk was 155. Noting that I do weigh a mere 170 pounds and have only been lifting for ~5 months, I guess I should be happier about this.

I’m not.

I wussed out on a 165 pound clean that Im fairly sure I could have also gotten overhead with the right momentum and good form. I got the weight off the ground, I got the shrug in and when it came time to drop and catch the weight… I just bailed. There was no physical reason to. I didnt tweak anything, I wasn’t off balance, form was good. I just dropped the weight and stripped a few plates off the bar.

I do this a lot. I rationalize why walking away from a heavier weight or a greater number of reps is a good idea. I give myself plenty of excuses for why more weight is a bad idea. Often, I freak at the numbers. Sometimes, I tell myself I’ll pull/sprain/twist/tear or otherwise injure something. Occasionally I tell myself that I’ve worked awfully hard that day already or that I’ve done enough today to impress other people.

More often than not, however, it’s because I’ve started competing with other people and stopped competing with myself. Our latest hero WOD is a perfect example.

Find out why…


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