Framework –

More squats?
Pushups again?

Yes. Yes more squats and more pushups. More presses. More simple, basic, compound movements. More simple stuff.


Because the better you are at the simple stuff, the easier you will find learning the complicated stuff. Butt down, chest up, knees out. You don’t even have to think about it. Then we can load you, and you don’t have to force your brain to force your body to do anything but move the weight. If you’re still having to think about it all, you become overwhelmed…and you can’t put it together.

Fix the simple shit. Refine it. Keep at it. make it prettier and prettier. Make it look easy.

Provide a solid framework for the complicated stuff.


One Response to “Framework –”

  1. Becky Says:

    Talk about framework, just saw Chris Waddel on “superhumans”–climbing Kilamanjaro with no legs using arm driven cycle contraption. I can only imagine the training schedule and foundation work he had to do. Really inspirational. Would love to see his documentary–One Revolution.

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