Ways CrossFit will change you…

I feel cheesy even writing that tagline…but there it is. Someone Facebook’d and asked why they should come work out here…I’m not one for a hard sell to anyone, either you want it, or you don’t. If you do, then get your ass here. If you don’t, well, that’s okay too, just let me know when you’re ready.

Because this will change you. It will change your body. It will change your perspective. It will give you a whole new appreciation for your body, your brain, your friends, and your community.

1. If you’re not already competitive, you’ll become competitive. Hungry, even. Not necessarily with everyone else, but certainly with yourself. You’ll go from “Coach, I don’t know if I can do that…” to “Coach! Come on! Let me do this! I GOT IT!” You’ll become hungry for your progression and your skills to advance. 20 doubleunders strung together becomes 50, which becomes 100. There’s always room for advancement and improvement, and you’re going to want it.

2. Your idea of what’s “hard” will change. When you start out, you’re getting your bearings and learning all kinds of new movements and learning how to put things together. Some things will come easily, others will not. No matter what happens, your approach is going to change. Hopefully, you’ll be pushed outside of what you know as your comfort zone. You’ll be more than uncomfortable, it’ll be more than unpleasant at times. And you’ll push through. You’ll finish it up and you’ll call TIME and you’ll realize that wasn’t so bad after all.

3. Your idea of a good meal is going to change. Rollin’ up in here and busting ass for an hour straight then heading to the burger house and eating a triple bacon ranch cheeseburger with extra cheesy fries won’t cut it anymore. Your body is going to crave real food. Maybe you won’t cut out grains and dairy like some do, maybe you’ll go full paleo. Whatever happens, you’re going to start craving something that will not only taste good, but will nourish your body.

4. You’ll go from lemming to lion…waiting for things to happen to making things happen.

5. Lululemon. Booty shorts or board shorts. Knee socks. 3 different pair of workout shoes. Countless numbers of “CrossFit” t-shirts. They’re all going to explode out of your closet.

6. Callouses and abrasions will be a way of life. No longer will you view them as boo-boos needing covering up…they’ll become badges of honor, and you’ll point out each one..each scar…with a story about how you got it.

7. Your perception of what is ‘attractive’ is going to change, possibly dramatically. No longer will you only appreciate a pretty face and slender body. The more she squats and the heavier he deadlifts, the better. Abz will still be attractive, but skinny won’t cut it anymore. Strong. Powerful. Lithe. Those are traits you’ll find essential.

8. Leaving no man behind isn’t just a military thing. You’ll be done with your WOD, and it’s hot as balls outside, or raining, or cold and windy, but one of your fellow athletes is 800 m out on his run. You’ll go back and run with him. Not because you want more work, but because you want to be with him when he gets back.

9. Slim fit jeans are going to become a thing of the past. And skinny jeans? Ladies, the thighs and ass you’re going to make are barely going to fit into skinny jeans without being tailored. Amazing curves ahead y’all.

10. You’re going to make friends who have the same interest in changing their own lives as you have in changing yours. They’ll support you, push you, demand your best, and respect your effort. They’ll also understand when the mental load you’re carrying is heavier than the barbell you’re moving.


One Response to “Ways CrossFit will change you…”

  1. Sassy Says:

    It does make a difference.
    Whether you go ‘hard’ or ‘hardly go’ will show. It will show in your progress, or lack thereof. It will show in your consistency, and in the community ties you develop with people who are striving. You choose to be a part of it, or to linger at the fringe.

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