Vitamin D!

Do you spend your days cooped in the office, only to go straight to your car, then home, to sit inside under the cool air? Are you tired? Do you sometimes just feel uuugghhhhh…worn out but not really sure why?

It may be as simple as a vitamin D deficiency, which…yay! is a relatively easy fix.

Created by sun exposure, vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin responsible for regulation of cellular differentiation, therefore preventing cancer and helping insulin secretion, as well as helping your body process the calcium and phosphorus in your food.

It’s no surprise that when spring comes around we naturally turn our faces to the sun and relish being outside. The air feels amazing, the mosquitoes haven’t swarmed, and man. That sunshine feels good.
Our bodies produce D when exposed to sunlight. It’s pretty much a natural way of taking care of our bones and making sure we don’t get rickets. Thing is, the process requires UVB. Sometimes our sunscreens are a wee bit tooooooo strong.
So what to do? Spend 15 minutes in the sun daily, and let your body take care of the rest. If you’re extremely low, see about a supplement, but otherwise, just enjoy the bright sunshine.


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