Watching the clock…

Today’s WOD has a mack-ton of double unders in it. I can hear you all now, asking me to let you scale it, and just do the 250 singles.
If you can string 5 double unders together, you need to do this WOD with the double unders. It’ll take you longer, for sure, but that’s okay. It’s okay to watch the clock and blast through a WOD – especially when you’re familiar with all of the movements, and can do them with consistent form and proficiency. That’s the time for the speed and high intensity.
Sometimes, though, a WOD will have movements you – frankly – suck at. You’re pulling early, you’re not hitting the double unders consistently, you’re not flipping your elbows under the bar, you’re death gripping the bar, you’re not going low enough consistently…You get the idea.
THOSE are the days you’ve got to attack your workout differently…you still want to be moving, but now it’s about moving a little slower, and making sure you’re doing it right. Make sure you’re getting your hips open in the clean. Make SURE you’re hitting depth everytime. And, use the WOD today to force yourself to do those daggone doubleunders!

Work on doing it right. Every time.


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