Don’t be stupid.

There are more than a couple of videos here lately talking about “heart” and “commitment” to your WOD. Talking about training through wounds, and injuries, and glorifying the ‘guts’ it takes to push past the pain.

I get it. It’s like watching Rocky…right? Watching someone take a brutal pounding and just keep going and machining through the haze of blood and sweat and tears is inspiring. Seriously, I challenge you to run with “Eye of the Tiger” on your iPod and NOT pick up the pace. “Gonna Fly Now” makes you want to move, the movie and Rocky’s performance is embedded that deeply into our collective psyche. We all, somewhere inside, want to have our “AAAAAADDDRRRIIIIAAAAAANNNN” moment, whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally. Something about overcoming all the odds after being the underdog just pulls us.

I’m not knocking that.

It’s my job, as your trainer and coach, to make sure your body is constantly improving, and not stagnating. My programming, my methodologies, my counseling to you – they’re all supposed to endeavor toward the constant improvement of your mind and body. My job is NOT to pamper you, baby you, or coddle you, but it IS my job to kick your ass and then bring you back tomorrow for another voluntary whupping.

Thing is, it’s also my job to make sure you’re taking care of your body. To determine how much is ‘too much’, when to tell you to push through and when to advise you (strongly, even) to lay off.

We’ve been seeing some torn flappers because of pullups lately. I’m not sure if it’s because of the humidity in the gym or incorrect grip on the bar or what, but it seems to be happening to several people. Thankfully, there’s no blood. Yet. Yes, you are GOING to tear your hands – power cleans, pullups, anything with the rings, it’s going to happen – but once the blood starts flowing and you’ve gone from a little ouchie to holy-shit-you’re-bleeding-everywhere-now-we’re-worried-about-staph-or-something, it’s time to stop. See the difference?
You do heavy squats, you’re going to be sore. Soreness is okay. But a shooting, ripping pain in your thigh is NOT okay. That indicates something’s wrong. If there’s something wrong we need to back off your training and take a look at what’s hurting, so we can FIX it and make you BETTER.

Training through pain is expected. Training to the point of permanent disfigurement or injury, or training to the point that you can’t do your regular job – that’s stupid. That’s stupid coaching and that’s stupid training. You’re not proving anything to anyone, and you’re only hampering your goals to health and wellness.

Don’t fall into the mindset that you’ve got to hurt yourself to prove anything to anyone. Sometimes, knowing when to quit takes a much bigger man.


2 Responses to “Don’t be stupid.”

  1. Meghan Self Says:

    I think we should add a 20-30 sec hand wash to every WOD. Keep everyone clean and healthy.

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