Doing it…and LEARNING it.

Welcome to CrossFit. To put it bluntly, we do everything. And then some. Some view this as a weakness of the program (which is fine), others view it as the main selling point for the program. Whatever your position, it’s pretty realistic to state – there’s a mega-ton of information presented on a daily basis. In short, there’s a LOT to learn.

You’re coached, you’re critiqued, you’re pushed. We demand form and complete range of motion from you. You’re taught and retaught and then we spend time refining the movements. You can’t just waltz in here and go through the motions then leave and perform a brain dump on your way out and forget everything.

You want results and physical changes and progress? You’ve got to learn this stuff. That means you’ve got to really take it in and make the lifestyle change. Looking at the board, facebook, or the blog and seeing the WOD posted shouldn’t bring a “What the hell is THAT?” reaction, unless John and I have come up with something completely off the wall (barbell rollout manmakers anyone?). Otherwise, once you’ve been here for a month or two, the movements should all be familiar, as should the standards for those movements. Pushups are ALWAYS chest to deck. You’re ALWAYS going to the bottom of a squat. The ball should ALWAYS touch the line. This isn’t debatable, arguable, or questionable. It’s something that just IS.

Fact of the matter is, you WILL NOT get your results “just coming in”. You’ve got to come in and make an intentional commitment to LEARNING this lifestyle. The lifestyle of throwing yourself into the WOD full bore, learning and mastering these movements, over and over again, and making good choices outside the box. “Thinking outside the box” in this case applies to every choice you make and its impact on your training, your goals, and your progress.

Total commitment to your body, your self, and your results. Anything less is simply self sabotage.


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