15 June 11

18 min AMRAP:
8 stingers
8 lunges.

Housekeeping notes:
Please respect everyone’s space. We’ve all got ‘bubbles’ around us where we are comfortable allowing people in…some are closer than others, some are further than others. Some people don’t like to be touched by anyone other than the closest of friends, and others are cool with rubbing elbows with anyone. When we’re working out, we sometimes have to get close, but otherwise, let’s respect everyone’s bubble.

Also, when you’re here, this is YOUR time. YOUR time to clear your head and not worry about anyone or anything other than your own training. Use it to your best advantage, letting me and John be the eyes and ears for leading the class. Blatant safety issues definitely deserve a shout, but otherwise – let us lead, and you guys take that hour to focus on you. 🙂


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