Changing perspective –

I spent a little time polling some ladies from another fitness board on what they consider the ‘ideal’ feminine form. It was interesting for me because I had a preconceived notion that they would overwhelmingly favor the Tracy Anderson ideal of ‘teeny tiny’ (her words…not mine) frames with very low body fat and very little muscle.

I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the females polled wanted a strong body, and idealized real athletes instead of celebrities. The “Skinny Fat” body sported by celebutantes and starlets was scorned. Instead, dancers, lifters, field and track athletes, and boxers were held up as “fitspiration”.

I thought this was an amazing, beautiful, eye-opening moment…because it seems like maybe…just maybe…the perception of what feminine beauty ‘should be’ is changing. It seems like Strong is the New Skinny is really becoming a mindset the general public is embracing.

I love it.

I love that CrossFit and the bootcamps and whatever else these women are doing is changing that perception and I’m honored and proud to be a part of that.

I used to seek the attention of douche bags that also sought out the frail, skinny girl; now I’ve found the man that values and appreciates a strong woman.
-Practice CrossFit

Women are getting stronger. As their bodies are getting stronger, so are their minds. Women are slowly, very…very slowly…shedding the years of indoctrination that we can’t be strong as the boys. We can’t lift heavy stuff, we can’t get dirty. We can’t grunt and scream and push and get sweaty. We’re not supposed to do that. We’re supposed to be fresh, and pretty, and weaker – because anything else makes the men feel less manly (so really, who’s the fairer sex in that scene?). We’re getting rid of that old, tired mindset and we’re gripping barbells and pullup bars and kettlebells and we’re getting strong. Very strong.

Keep at it ladies. Keep working through the sweat and the barbells and the burpees and keep pushing the limits of how far your body can and will go. It’s beautiful uncharted territory, and we’re only scratching the surface.


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