3 June 11

4 rounds:
12 deadlift
9 hang clean
6 front squat
3 thrusters.
No taking your hands off barbell in the middle of the round.

2 Responses to “3 June 11”

  1. Today was not too bad. Was sucking air for at least 4 minutes of the 7:20 it took me to complete the WOD. Definitely room for improvement. But I got through it!

    My weak areas this WOD exposed are forearm grip strength and wrist flexibility. It hurt to flex my wrists backwards and also try to keep my elbows up and pointing out during the front squats. Can we focus on proper wrist form next time we do front squats, or anything that requires that backward wrist?

    Also, today was tough, but after a short break I still felt like I had gas in the tank that wanted to be burned. What do you think? Should I burn it, or wait for the next day? I am trying to burn the last 10-15 pounds of the stubborn middle-age body fat. I’m paying attention to the diet, that’s already pretty good, and making improvements. Seems like if I have gas to burn I should use it to burn the fat. On the other hand, I am thinking I will start doing the workouts everyday instead of 3 days, so maybe I will run down and burn out?

    I feel like if I have the gas I should burn it.
    Anyone have advice?

    • Don’t overtrain.
      Understand that during your first month we’re going to err on the light side of weights when it comes to a WOD like that, so you can go faster without too much risk of injury.
      check out http://www.whole9life.com for nutrition information and start keeping a food journal.
      Also, I’m not sure what you’re doing outside of the gym, but don’t ‘over cardio’ yourself in an effort to burn fat. Understand, with nutritional and lifestyle changes in addition to CrossFit, that’s GOING to go away.
      Finally, re: your wrists…front squats are particularly notorious for showcasing inflexibility. The good news is it goes away. The bad news is, it’s gonna hurt until it goes away. We definitely, when doing your sets, will focus on making sure they’re in a good spot.

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