Every morning, you are given an opportunity to get healthy, so that you can be around the people who love you longer. You are not guaranteed this opportunity every day. You are not guaranteed that you will live another day. Will you take advantage of the precious opportunity to work on your fitness, or will you not? You choose.

It’s an interesting thought, isn’t it? We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Not necessarily because of some bearded guy in the sky waiting to lay some smack down on us, but just because life happens, and death is a sneaky, often silent, foe. We’re not guaranteed anything, so each situation is an opportunity to live for the best we can be.

What does that have to do with CrossFit North Arlington and everything we’ve got going on here?

How many of you guys reading this right now have kids? Kids who are like mine and want to play and climb and throw and jump and run? Do you do this with them? I have to be honest, one of my favorite things ever…I LIVE for it…is to throw a baseball with my boys. It’s just fun. It’s something they enjoy and I can do with them and they’re happy to do with me.

We’ve got horses, and we like to ride them when we go up to my parents’ house. Trust me, you want your flexibility and everything else lined up before you get on a horse’s back.

You can’t play with your kids if you’re fat and out of shape. Your kids will play and you’ll spectate.
You can’t go dancing with your spouse if neither of you can circle the floor without getting winded.
You can’t take a hike in on Oahu if you can barely cross the parking lot.

You’re doing this and making these choices so you can truly LIVE your life and enjoy everything this big world has to offer. You’re doing it so that when opportunities pop up, you CAN.

Every situation is an opportunity. Are you going to seize it?


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