The Difference …

I saw this post on Practice CrossFit’s website and just fell in love with it…

“We’re sorta like 7-Eleven. We’re not always doing business, but we’re always open.”

Acting strong needs mirrors to workout, being strong needs a destination.

Acting strong needs friends to tell them how great they are, being strong needs friends they can help become great.

Acting strong looks around after a PR to see who’s watching, being strong puts more weight on.

Acting strong eats clean because they have to, being strong eats clean because someone that may have to,may welcome the example.

Acting strong storms off when things don’t go as planned, being strong controls the brainstorm we all feel, then plans for tomorrow.

Acting strong is hurtfully honest, being strong is honestly helpful.

Acting strong is there for whomever is there for them, being strong is always there.

Acting strong waits to see the outcome, being strong makes the outcome.

Acting strong needs an entourage, being strong builds a community.

Go read the rest here.


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