Happy Thursday – 19May11

Pick up the bar. Keep moving the bar. Push the ground away. Make the lift. Every time.

Pick up your feet and put them down. Up and down. Finish the run. Don’t stop. One foot in front of the other in a cadence of speed and stride. Every time.

Stop looking forward to the end of the workout. You’re not barnrunning this. Look forward to your next rep. Don’t look forward to the finish, when you can collapse. Look forward to going harder. Faster. Every time.

Memorize your body. Feel the muscles tightening, pulling, contracting, squeezing. Know what the lift feels like, and execute it. Every time.

Know the difference between soreness and injury. Acknowledge soreness, and move beyond it. Treat injuries.

Always know that a hand up is not a hand out. Know that grasping a hand and pushing through the wall doesn’t make you weaker. It makes you better. Then, when you can, extend your own hand. Someone you know, and probably someone you don’t, will need it and appreciate it as much as you once did.

Learn the value of recovery. And rest. Yes, South Park is on late. But you can watch it any time online. Get your sleep. Get your days off. Recover and treat your body well. More work is not necessarily better work. Don’t get caught in the cycle of wanting MORE results and pushing harder to the point of overworking your body. Take time to treat yourself with recovery and for the love of Pete, get some sleep!

Stop hesitating. Once you start moving the bar, lift it or don’t. Make up your mind and move the thing, but if you’re not going to lift it, stop. Hesitation will get you hurt.

Hydrate…it’s hot in Texas any way you look at it. Throw a high intensity CrossFit WOD into the mix and you’ve GOT to hydrate. Coconut water is excellent if you like the taste.

Team WOD:
200 M Run
KB swings


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