Athlete Spotlight – Sean

I’ve told this story several times, but I’ll share it again here on the blog. I met Sean last summer. He came into the gym, I was sitting at the front desk…our conversation went something like this:

“Are you Jamie?”, he asks. (Note: Sean’s a big guy and can be kind of scary looking sometimes, so I was a bit nervous to reply…)

“Ummm. Yes…”

“Good,” Sean says. “[My Friend] told me to come talk to you, because I want to be a shape other than round.”

Sean admitted he was sorely deconditioned, but he was willing to work.

Since then he’s come in through some pretty good times, and some pretty rough times – personally and professionally. His profession (a teacher) isn’t the most low stress job, and there are nights I know that just showing up and making the effort to get the WOD in is a WOD itself.

Sean’s commitment to improving his health and wellbeing has been a continued source of awe and inspiration for me. I’ve seen his movements progress, his range of motion increase so very dramatically, and his before picture will make your jaw drop.

He’s been a great friend to me and John, and I’m proud to have him here in our box.


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