Define yourself.

I’ve got an ongoing theme with my children, a lesson I’ve spent the entirety of my years as a parent teaching…it’s not your mistakes that define who you are…your missed balls, wild pitches, strikeouts, failing grades, bad choices, passed balls, bad hop grounders…none of that defines them.
They’re defined by how they deal with those mishaps.

Same goes for us as adults. We’re defined by how we handle our mistakes…whatever they may be. The pint of ice cream you ate last night while watching Jersey Shore doesn’t define you. The fact that you’re planning on repeating it several times this week does.
Skipping a WOD because – dammit – it’s been a long day and you’re exhausted and you can’t think straight and you don’t have enough to give…that’s not who you are. But if you’re skipping more than you’re attending…well…maybe it’s time to rethink your stress management.

Define yourself. Take stock of what type of character you want to exemplify and who you want people to believe you to be, and make that happen.
Don’t let life, in all its harried, frenzied, craziness, define you. Define yourself.


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