5 May 11

3 rounds:
800 m run
35 kettlebell swings
15 pullups


Ok guys, looking at having a 4th of July get together up in the country on 3 July (that’s a Sunday and we’re all off on Monday and will have ample time to recover…). Things we get to do there:
Shoot guns.
Ride horses.
Eat my dad’s hot wings and brisket and shoulder loin.
Eat my mom’s deviled eggs and black cherry cake and bacon wrapped asparagus.
Drink my lemonade.
Set off massive amounts of explosives, including mortars, roman candles, smoke bombs (those are for the kids), and an artillery simulator.

It’s pot luck style, so if you’re willing to bring something go for it. The more the merrier. We appreciate good beer, good wine, and good food. Oh, and bring your own fireworks. This is kid friendly, so if you’ve got kids, bring ’em. Super casual, country living. Bring a lawn chair.

Alright – now for more news and information:

Honoring Murph.
Ritalin isn’t necessary. Recess and unstructured playtime IS.
Do NOT take this as an excuse to run to Starbucks and buy three cupcakes and two white chocolate mochas. Low sugar IS the way to go.


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