Harden up.

America, you’re soft. You’re full of people who can’t cope. Can’t deal. Can’t handle life as it comes without pills, booze, blame, and excuses. You’re getting fat. Your diet is full of manufactured, processed, non-nutritive pseudo foods. Your testosterone is dropping, your bones are becoming weaker, your bodies are failing in ways and numbers heretofore unconsidered.

In the name of protecting our children, we’ve removed all sense of physical competitiveness from their playgrounds. Hell, they’re lucky if their school even allows playgrounds anymore. Many school districts across the country have taken recess out of students’ day – partially so kids can have more academic time for standardized testing, and partially to lower any liability the school may have for playground confrontations. For a lot of leagues, kids don’t start keeping scores or offering playoff games until the players are older than ten. Prior to that age, the boosters who run it don’t want the kids to worry about the scores and who did what, because (and I kid you not, this is a direct quote from an official with the city of Arlington) “The score doesn’t reflect what really happened on the field. Sometimes the shortstop or the second baseman makes a great play and the score doesn’t reflect that play, it only reflects one very small part of what the kids did on the field.”

Testosterone levels in men are dropping at an alarming rate…and doctors aren’t totally sure why, but speculation abounds that much of it has to do with obesity, among other things. That lack of testosterone is making our men lethargic, fatigued, depressed, irritable, forgetful, and of course – low testosterone can kill the sex drive.

Because of how we’ve taken any negative stimulus away from our children, they don’t know how to cope. Children who can’t cope grow up to become adults who can’t cope. People who can’t cope with life and its disappointments turn to less healthy choices to help them deal with their problems. Their inner strength

There’s a certain social development our society is lacking. Parents are saying “I work hard so my kids don’t have to” and “I never want my kids to know hardship” and confrontation of any kind is viewed as negative. Kids are their own social group…taking away their conflict or confrontation within their social group takes away their ability to learn how to handle anything negative. This is NOT a good thing. These kids who grow up without any coping skills turn into adults who can’t cope – with anything. Not life, not peers, not pressure.
They’re left with a complete inability to function as adults in life.

Kids need to fuss and fight, within boundaries. Kids need to learn to solve problems within their own microcosm. Adults need to get off their collective @sses and move around, quit making excuses and procrastinating. Do it…do it now. This is literally a matter of changing your life and doing your part to change our future…because, folks, right now, it’s looking pretty bleak.

Overweight, over-medicated, under-rested, overstressed, overworked, overindulged…That’s our culture right now. Too many excuses are made for a sheer lack of willingness to overcome hardship and put in the work.

Folks, every. Single. Day. is going to throw something hard at you. If you’re lucky the worst thing you’ll face today is the workout you do here. That’s if you’re lucky. Grief, bills, family, kids…everyone’s got a personal demon. What defines us isn’t the demon, but how we fight it. Getting up and going and moving forward and dealing with the demon and ultimately, exorcising it…that’s what defines us.

I’m not willing to be remembered as a coward. I’m not willing to all circumstances to define my legacy. I’m going to teach my children the same thing – circumstances don’t control you, you control your reaction to the circumstances.

Harden up, folks. Life’s tough. How you deal with it defines how you’ll be remembered.


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