Women and barbells –

Had a great conversation with several ladies Thursday night about the barbell. The consensus is that we LOVE our barbells, and we LOVE lifting weights.
Lori said it was unlike anything she’s done in any of her other fitness classes before. It’s empowering. She had no idea she could do a power clean.
Fanf*ckingtastic. I LOVE that.
After generations of being called the weaker sex, women are learning – largely due to CrossFit and similar programs – that they CAN move weight. Certainly not the same amount as a man can, but a woman can move and do far more than she has been raised to imagine.
I love CrossFit for this reason, most of all. I adore the look of delight in a woman’s eyes the first time she moves a barbell. Moving a barbell and moving weight…there’s nothing like it.
Lift hard.
Lift heavy.
Lift often.

You’ll be glad you did. Thank you CrossFit for giving women this outlet to discover their true strengths.


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