If a little is good…

A lot is better, right?

Yesterday’s WOD is an example…there were cries of “Man, there should have been two more rounds on that!” and “We could have done more!!”

First –
Every WOD is not supposed to be a long ass kicking whiptastic thing where you’re plundering through at 25 minutes a time. Chippers have their place, but by and large, the workouts are designed to be within certain parameters, and within a specific time, weight, and modality. We plan this out, we think about it, and we determine where we’re going with the training we’re offering you. So…there’s a reason.
Second –
If you’re looking at me two minutes after calling “TIME” and saying you could have done more weight/reps…I ain’t hearing that and that ain’t NOTHING on me or John. That’s on you. If you’re not spent, 100% depleted, after your WOD, you were leaving something in the tank for “just in case…”. That’s on you. These workouts HAVE to be approached with a 120% mentality. You’re supposed to give it all, and then some. Until you collapse.
Third –
Overtraining is real. Too much, too fast, too many, too soon. It’s a real thing and it’s highly detrimental to your goal achievement. Keep that in mind.


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