Pushing through…

I’ve said it before, but the thought bears reiteration:

CrossFit isn’t easy. It’s damn hard. Showing up is hard. The days when I don’t post the WOD, and you’re left wondering what the hell to expect when you come in…that’s a bit of a mind boink all it’s own. Not even mentioning the days when you read the WOD and realize everysinglemovement you loathe has been combined into one ferocious painstorm.

There’s a tendency, especially with the repetitive and rhythmic movements, to sink into the back of your mind and methodically plod through the workout. The mind shuts down and the body just moves.
Some would argue that this is a good thing, you’re on autopilot and you’re just keeping on keeping on.

I don’t agree. There’s a level of fatigue and internal debate that must be pushed through. The temptation to switch into “just moving” mode MUST be ignored. Workouts of this nature must be approached with an aggressive, alert, and fully engaged mind.
In order to improve, in order to truly make your gains, your mind MUST be consistently pushing the body to conform to the mind’s will. The mind MUST be in charge of the body and MUST be pushing the body through the haze of discomfort and wanting to quit. The mind MUST consistently engage the body and push through…”Harder, better, faster, go, move your ass, it’s almost over, don’t stop, let’s do this, let’s do it right, come on, not yet, collapse when it’s over”…that’s the mental litany and mantra of an engaged mind.

Don’t retreat into the pain cave. You’ll improve faster if you stay out…and stay engaged.


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