News of note:

First softball game:
Friday 11 March 8 p.m. at Randol Mill Park.
Please be there by 7:30 so we can get ourselves assorted and in the proper positions. Given that we’ve not had a real ‘practice’ yet, I totally expect this to be a cluster eff of epic proportions. But I mean this lovingly. Bring your gear, bats, gloves, and yes, balls. We’ll need to warm up.

XFNA Camping:
26-27 March.
We’ll leave here and drive up there in time to get set up and kick back.

Rangers Opening Day (1 April 2011)
We will NOT have evening classes that day. The game starts at 3:05, we’ll be at the ballpark.

Operation Transformation:
If you haven’t given the $$ for your buy-in yet, you NEED TO GET THAT IN.

Paleo eaters:
Submit paleo friendly recipes so we can spread the wealth among the group. Everyone’s wanting to rock the paleo, and we gotta keep it interesting!

I’m seeing a lot of sitting around when I say let’s do some mobility and get our sore parts worked out. If that’s how it’s going to be I’ll be a LOT more militant about making the mobility happen. The WOD isn’t just what happens between 3-2-1 GO and TIME!, it’s warm up and recovery as well. The full hour is your hour for improving your overall health. The 20-ish minutes we spend on high intensity is important, but the warmup is the perfect time to push your depth and range of motion, and the mobility in the middle is crucial for preventing injury and over training.

Don’t cheat yourself. Do ALL of the work.

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