2 March 11

20 OH lunges
10 hang cleans
20 OH lunges
8 hang cleans
20 OH lunges
6 hang cleans
20 OH lunges
4 hang cleans

Then we’re jerkin’.

This is YOUR box.
The atmosphere here…the ambiance, the impression…it’s all you. Whatever YOU want this place to be, YOU are responsible for making it happen. If this place is your show up and do the WOD and then hang a minute and go on with your life, that’s what it becomes.
If it’s your home away from home, your community, and your circle of friends, that’s what it’ll become.
You guys manifest this destiny.

John and I are your guides as you work your way to better health and longevity. No question of that, we find it fulfilling and more than a lot entertaining and educational. We enjoy this, every minute of it, every day.

But the box…that’s yours to shape and create. What do you want it to be?

One Response to “2 March 11”

  1. Meghan Says:

    My thighs already hurt just thinking about this wod.

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