Operation: Transformation 2011

Two months.
That’s what I’m asking. Two months of your time and your energy and your dedication. Two months to push yourself and to really see what a difference you can make physically, emotionally, and mentally.
1 March to 1 May.
Two months dedicated to nutrition and fitness.
Anyone willing to dedicate the time to transforming their body using healthy means.

What are the rules?
1. Must be an active member of XFNA.
2. $15 buy in…commit yourself to making these changes.
3. NO cheating – no fatburners, metabolic boosters, etc. We’re looking to lower body fat, increase endurance, increase strength, increase endurance, drop a couple of jeans sizes, but we’re not looking to do it with any of those products in the fitness magazines. We’re going to do it through good old fashioned work – diet and exercise.
4. I will not tell you what to eat, unless you specifically ask. Your nutrition is your own to manage. However, bear in mind, you eat crap and it’s gonna show. You can’t out work a shitty diet. Put in good food, get good results. Very simple.
5. You MUST attend at least two XFNA classes a week, and I *strongly* encourage you to hit up at least ONE yoga class a week.
6. You MUST present a goal sheet, with at least THREE goals listed, to work toward during the contest.
7. Progress will be tracked using measurements, numbers, lifts…So along with your goal sheet, you need to give me a list of your measurements. Weight and waistline are the two I need.
8. The first week of March we will have a benchmark WOD very similar to a PT test. All movements will be bodyweight and unscaled. It will consist of 2 minutes each of squats, pushups, and situps. Then there will be a 1 mile run. At the end of the contest, we will repeat the WOD.

Winners are determined by Jamie, John, and Phillip.

Ok that’s great Jamie, but what do *I* get out of this?

There will be a prize for the winner – a $100 gift card to Lululemon, and a runner up prize of a $50 gift card to Whole Foods.
Aside from the swag, you also have the satisfaction of being stronger, faster, and harder to kill.

I’m sure you all have questions, so lay ’em on me.


3 Responses to “Operation: Transformation 2011”

  1. will you post the WOD to me early enough for me to do it? or resend me that one you did LONG ago? I’m trying to workout BEFORE going to school (so it’s like 0545 or 0600 if I can push myself outta bed. Snuggles are sooo tempting)
    Not in it for the SWAG, btw.

  2. Lennon Simpson Says:

    Oh it’s on. I WILL own that hoodie.

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