Yoga and CrossFit

I’ve gotten a few half hearted laughs from some of you when I’ve mentioned taking the yoga.
Let me throw this out there for your consideration –
You get a free class a week, in addition to your 2 or 3 CrossFit classes. It’s…FREE. Your second class is super duper cheap.
Given that the class is free, if you’re having problems getting into the bottom of a squat, or getting a solid rack position, or you can’t get your shoulders open for a good back squat position, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of something provided to you FREE OF CHARGE that will dramatically and exponentially improve your performance. If you can’t get to the bottom a squat, you can’t do a CrossFit Total. If you can’t rack the barbell because of flexibility issues, how the hell do you expect to catch a clean? If your midline is weak and you can’t maintain stability, how are you going to pull a heavy kettlebell or do a solid overhead squat?

Come on guys. It’s…FREE. One of them is at least.

Get in on this. You’re cheating yourself if you don’t.


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