Psychology of motivation

We all have certain triggers…little things that push us and cause some elemental portion of our noodle to respond with more vigor and power. We also have certain triggers that cause an immediate shut-down of our faculties, things that create an immediate negative response in our subconscious.
These triggers are defined by many things…our innate temperament, childhood experiences, life experiences, and so many other factors I could sit all day and list them.

Part of my role here as your trainer is to find your trigger and use it. And keep using it, until I get everything out of you for the day. Not in a negative way, but to find the thing that motivates you and makes you want it. It’s essential that I, as a coach, get that right. I recognize that what works for one athlete doesn’t work for another, and I respect that. We both work really hard to make sure we’re getting everyone’s ‘sweet spot’ so we can make sure you all get the full benefit of the WOD.

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