Reasons to do CrossFit

1. You get to flip tires and sling weights and jump on things. It’s not boring and it’s always changing. The people are good, the community is tight, and the progress is applauded.
2. Knee socks are cool. I don’t care who you are…knee socks kick ass. Whether you’re wearing them to prevent skin scrapage thanks to an uber tight deadlift, or because you’re wearing them under knee high boots, knee socks – the funkier the better – rock.
3. Deadlifting makes you better and stronger. Squatting makes you awesome and better and stronger. Trufax.
4. Your kids will thank you. You won’t be the parent sitting on your ass in the stands, you’ll be the one playing with your kids, because you won’t be sore from it the next day.
5. Where else are you going to find people who enjoy rolling around in the muck and the dirt, doing man on fire burpees, and celebrating calluses?
6. Your sex life will improve. Your libido will increase. Your self confidence and self image will skyrocket. The response to the functional movements we perform is uncanny…and it affects every facet of your life. Better sex, smaller ass, and happier attitude? Yes please.
7. Your ass will get bigger, but your jean size will get smaller. Physics has nothing on Gluteus CrossFittus Maximus. Squats and deadlifts and box jumps and sprints (aside from making you better and more useful) give a delectable bubble bum. It’s good.
8. Your chances of diabetes plummet. Heyyyy nutrition+exercise yay!
9. Lululemon Speed shorts. They’re amazing and they’re a part of CrossFit culture. So are Inov8s, 5fingers, Frees, and Chuck Taylors. Notice, except the lulus, all of those things are biomechanically sound and actually work WITH your body instead of making it weaker. Nice. The lulus are amazing because a CrossFit chick can squat in them and not have them ride up. This is more important than you boys realize.
10. Eating dead animals and plenty of vegetables is a damn good way to live.
11. Our bodies are meant to be used a certain way. CrossFit lets us do that.
12. Competition is damn fun. There’s something to be said for that mental edge and the awareness of the man next to you and how hard HE’S willing to work to reach his goal before YOU reach yours.
13. Bacon.


2 Responses to “Reasons to do CrossFit”

  1. In the back of my mind I know all this, but it is so good to hear it every now and then. It gets me fired up all over again for what we do!! Thanks Jamie!!!

  2. Meghan Says:

    My #1 reason I love crossfit, because I finally found a group of people that make my love of being a masochist seem a little less insane. #2. Burpees!!!!!!!! #3 the feeling you get when all you can do is collapse on the floor after the wod. The only downfall, I have to alter my jeans to fit my size 8 thighs but my size 4 waist. But then again, is rather have large cellulite free legs that can move shit than sticks that can barely hold my body frame. In your face Heidi klum!

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