More better faster yay!

I know we had a whole week (essentially) off due to God punishing us for Super Bowl Week, but it’s time to get back to bid’niss.
First things first, stay on track with that nutrition. Meaning don’t eat crap food. If it’s processed, don’t eat it. If it’s got ‘ingredients’ that aren’t food, don’t eat it. If it’s got an expiration date longer than a month, don’t eat it. (I only say a month because I think that’s how long almond milk allows…). If you have to ask “Should I…”, it’s probably a good plan to avoid it. I don’t want to hear how hard it is. It’s not hard. There are LOTS of things that are hard. This isn’t one of them. This is more inconvenient than anything else, and after a while it’s not even inconvenient, it’s just a way of life. Stop whining and making excuses and just do it.
Next, it’s been a month since New Year’s. You guys have had time to get on the resolution bandwagon then jump right off it and then get back on again. Get real with it. Look at why you’re here and what you’re trying to accomplish.
Finally, it’s go time. If you’re not really pushing yourself with every WOD, you’re not going fast enough. You can go faster. You can go harder. Every round should be 100% go time. If you’re giving anything less, you’re cheating yourself.


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