Doing it right…

Several people started a new outlook on nutrition at the beginning of 2011. That’s fantastic. I love the idea of a fresh start and a determined mindset.
Lots of questions though, about what and why and how…I figured the best thing I could do was make a blog post with links to sources I trust with answers to those questions. No need reposting in my own words, because they did such a fantastic job on their blogs.

Take a look here:

We developed the insulin response to help store excess nutrients and to take surplus (and potentially toxic) glucose out of the bloodstream. This was an adaptive trait. But it didn’t evolve to handle the massive amounts of carbs we throw at it now. And, yes, we’re talking mostly about grains.

Living things generally do not want to be consumed by other living things. Being digested, for the most part, tends to interrupt survival, procreation, propagation of the species – you know, standard stuff that fauna and flora consider pretty important.

And peanuts? I was talking to…someone…a couple of days ago, one of you guys…Here you go as to why we should avoid peanuts. My 8 year old is pretty deathly allergic to certain molds. I’m not in the mood to exacerbate anything he’s got going on, so no more Skippy in our household, even for the kiddos.

You love ice cream? And greek yogurt? Yeah. Me too. Well, not really. I don’t eat either of those things anymore, but here is a great post by Whole9’s Dallas about dairy, and why it’s so very very bad for your body. Don’t get me wrong, I still use feta, but otherwise, I’m pretty solidly out on dairy.

And finally, for those of you who want to know what to do, and how to do, full on, real, super strict paleo
Here’s the Whole30, and all the rules and guidelines.

Doing the 30 days isn’t hard. It’s irritating, and you wind up grouchy and NOT in a great mood for a couple of days but overall? Best thing ever done for my health. I’ll do it again soon. If you haven’t taken the 30 days and gone full throttle with it…give it some thought.


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