As RX’d…

Jon Gilson wrote a great article awhile back about RX’ing WODs, work capacity, and how the two concepts work together.

You could struggle like a rocket trying to take off on regular unleaded, or you could actually get stronger.

You’re the kid who saw one phenom go from high school straight to the Major Leagues, and figured “What the hell? If that skinny punk can do it, so can I.” Attention, achievement, some sliver of recognition, nothing less will do.

You’re Rx’d. You made the Major League jump. Except, you really, really shouldn’t have, and now you’re striking out. Slow your roll, tee ball slugger.

It’s okay. I did the same thing, and if I don’t admit it, the pot would definitely be calling the kettle another piece of kitchen equipment. Learn from my stupidity.

If you can’t thruster at least 190 pounds, you shouldn’t be doing “Fran” with 95.

The whole point of our sport is power output: do more work faster. Intrinsic in this little missive is “faster”, but every guy secretly wants to be bigger and stronger, and figures that what we actually meant was “heavier”.

This is not what we meant.

Read the rest of the article at source. Excellent information and insight into our methodology.

Btw, Jon was one of the trainers at my cert. That guy is pretty amazing.


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