Failing is how you get better…

My ten year old HATES striking out.

He gets PISSED. And, he’s a piss poor loser. Trust me, baseball season in my household is a constantly churning mixture of adrenaline, Queen songs, and film watching. He’s not one to respond to criticism well initially. It usually takes…literally…me filming his at bat and showing him where he dropped his eyes and didn’t twist his hips before he’ll believe that was ACTUALLY what happened.

Sometimes, he loses faith in his ability to follow directions and do as he’s asked.

The ideas we’re constantly drilling into him is that:

1. Failing isn’t striking out. It’s not even stepping into the box to swing the bat.
2. You have to fail in order to succeed.

His frustration inevitably spills over though, and he throws the bat down, chunks the glove, kicks the ball, and walks away. (He gets that from his mama.) Then, he comes back and does a restart, and starts working on technique again, and listening to the corrections that must be made.

We are all exactly like my ten year old boy. We don’t like being told we’re not doing something correctly. We don’t like having our mistakes or our flaws pointed out. It hurts. It feels demeaning, no matter how it’s delivered. It definitely can create a feeling of inadequacy.
You know what?
Get over it. I’m saying this to myself too, by the way. When I said he gets it from his mama, I wasn’t kidding. Let me get frustrated with something that in my mind I should have, and boy, it’s a temper FIT. But I’ve got to get over that.
I won’t know what I need to do to improve my deadlift without someone telling me what needs to be fixed in my stance. I won’t know what my squat needs without someone watching me and catching my deficiencies, and dear goodness don’t get me started on trying to self correct Olympic lifts. It’s not going to happen.

CrossFit’s got a saying about checking your ego. That’s 100% necessary. The willingness to listen, to fail, and to try again is essential in creating a stronger, faster, better looking naked me.

So I’ve got to fail. As long as I’m willing to get back up.


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