Stop being so negative…

We visited my parents over the weekend, doing that whole ‘family’ thing. It was nice. Very quiet, and a great big sky with beautiful stars twinkling. The air was crisp and the fire was warm and the s’mores were perfect.

During the visit I saw a friend of mine from school…she’s not changed much over the years and it was great to see that she’s so happy. I really enjoyed that.


It just breaks my heart (like, literally…I want to cry) to hear some of the things people are saying to and about themselves these days.
“I hate my legs.”
“I hate my arms.”
“My ass is fat/jiggly/ugly/too big/too small/too flat.”
“I hate my chunky thighs.”
“Psh. No one wants to see THIS body in a bathing suit!”

I’m all FOR acknowledging reality, and for acknowledging that maybe you’re not rocking a Barbie doll body, but COME ON. When I hear these things, usually all in one conversation, I respond with “Well. What do you LIKE?” I’m usually met with stony silence. None of those things are permanent y’all. They’re fixed with showing up here, sweating for an hour, and making some lifestyle changes. That simple. It’s that easy to change things that make one say “I hate this.”

Don’t hate it! Stop the hate! First, those ‘big thighs’ help you move a lot of weight. Broad shoulders get you set to move everything around as well. Stop seeing the negative in everything and focus on what it’s GOOD for. Yes, we’ve got work to do but without a good foundation and a capable body, nothing’s going to happen! You’ve got a body and you can move it, so USE IT!
Second, there’s a lot to be said for how damaging a ‘No I can’t’ attitude is. It’s self fulfilling. People who believe they can’t never really truly try. Reality is…maybe you can’t. But there’s nothing saying you won’t. HUGE difference between saying “I can’t deadlift over 200 lbs.” and saying “I can’t deadlift over 200 lbs yet, but I’m going to.” Saying “I’m going to…” allows for the potential, and acknowledges the work achieving that goal will take. It’s the first step.

Before you say “I hate my…” again, consider this:
You’re daughter dates a guy who talks to and about her the way you’re talking to yourself. How well does that go over?

Just a thought.


11 Responses to “Stop being so negative…”

  1. Love it! Just what I needed tonight, more than you know!

  2. I really, really like this post, very well said and completely true. Reminds me of a post I wrote not to long ago.

    Keep em coming, can’t wait to read back through ’em!

  3. Great post. Enjoyed reading it. I enforce the NO CAN’T rule in my Affiliate. Penalized with many burpees and a lecture. I think they dislike the lecture more than the burpees.
    Great write-up. Cheers!

  4. This post is very timely. We were watching the Victoria’s Secret runway show last night and my boyfried asked, “What do you want me to get you for Christmas?”. I answered, “long legs”. He said, “Those girls are skinny and weak. I bet none of them can lift as much as you or do as many pull ups, (or even one).” I said, “I guess I’ll have to settle for legs that are short and muscular.” He said, “You should prefer it. I do!”

    What a great boyfriend! He reminds me to embrace what I have and continue to make it the best it can be through eating right and Crossfit.

  5. Wow! The “I hate my” has been me most of my life! Growing up with a father that expected perfection, even when I was the “perfect” weight and looked great in my clothes, I didn’t love my body. And your last thought about daughters…well…that really wrenched my heart. Thank you for the wake-up call. I need to love myself…

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  8. Very true.

    As Confucius once said…
    “He who said he can and he who said he can’t, are both usually correct.” (or pretty damn close…)

    Your article reminded me of this!

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