Giving thanks –

Sooooo…I’m not a particularly warm and fuzzy holidays are wonderful type of gal. In fact I’m kind of prickly and more than a little cynical on the best of days, but I appreciate gratitude…which is what Thanksgiving is all about. I love that it’s not a religious holiday, it’s not driven by personal gain or anything like that, it’s simply meant to be a day to express gratitude.

I think…expressing gratitude keeps us humble, and despite all appearances to the contrary, I truly want to maintain my own personal humility. Even if I do give off an arrogant know it all air. Sometimes.

I want you guys to know how truly grateful I am to have the privilege to be a part of each and every one of your lives. You have all enriched mine in ways you will never know, and I’m so very thankful that I get to participate and in some way guide your journey.

Each one of our athletes is in my thoughts every day. Literally every day. Wondering if you’re achieving your goals (stated and unstated), wondering if you’re doing alright in your nutrition, wondering if you’re working through a rough time I know you’re having. We sit together, we hang out together, we have a good time together, and I’m so very proud to see that happen and grow.

Be safe this holiday, enjoy family, if you’re coming in Thursday a.m., be here at 9.

Otherwise, I’ll see you Friday.


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