Feedback, barbells, mobility, and more.

First – please let me reiterate the point that if at ANY time, you’ve got concerns, criticisms, complaints, or WHATEVER when it comes to something happening at the box, please don’t hesitate to pull one or both of us aside and talk with us about it. Ask questions, offer opinions, and let us talk about the whys and wherefores of what’s going on. Whether it’s a programming critique or something personal within, we’re all ears. We want the open dialogue with you guys.
We’re not infallible, and sometimes on paper something will sound like a really good idea. Then we get to it and we have to rethink our plan, because it simply doesn’t work. We don’t always know what’s making it not work, and that’s where you guys come in. We’re only going to be as good as our feedback allows us to be.

Second – Barbells. Barbells are fun. Weightlifting is FUN. It’s tangible. It’s immediate. It’s rewarding and gratifying and like I said, it’s damn fun. I like slinging weight. You guys do too. A couple of months ago we had a solid four weeks of programming that allowed you guys to really work some barbell progressions and get into moving the weight and you all really liked it. We both saw that and we were super glad to provide it. But, in our observations we noted that there are some serious flexibility and mobility issues. Like super serious. Limited ROM will cause injuries, so we dialed back the barbell heavy WODs until we could ascertain the best way to increase the overall mobility and flexibility of the group. We’re avoiding injury here, y’all. Yes, you’re adults and you DO have the right to take your health into your own hands, I get that, but I also know that you can’t train if you’re hurt.

Which brings us to mobility.

24. That’s the number of athletes regularly entering XFNA for an hour of fun and games.
3. That’s the number of athletes regularly entering XFNA who I would suspect work on their own mobility. Only 3.

Yes, you certainly CAN stretch on your own. NO stretching is NOT fun and I fully understand and respect that it’s tedious and honestly, it hurts. Got that. Thanks. But when only THREE of my athletes are people I would say with any confidence take time on their own to work their mobility, I’ve gotta demand it here in the box. Lots of buttwinks (myself included), lots of back rounding, lots of inability to maintain lumbar curve. These things lead to loss of power and increased risk of injury.

So, with that in mind, John and I talked and decided that we really wanted to spend this month focused on getting everyone moving around better. We’re not eschewing barbells, and we’re not trying to cheat you out of your time in the gym. We’re trying to increase your range of motion so you’re able to be stronger.

THAT said, we’ve also decided to implement a change in our programming to reflect how we approach flexibility and strength. You guys will notice this in the immediate future, starting next week.

Finally, new people. Love ’em. Gotta have ’em. The majority of America is a fatass nation. I’m ALWAYS glad to have someone come in and want to make some pretty in depth changes in their lives. BUT – sometimes the new people need more coaching, and while they’re learning, my ‘old hands’ get a bit antsy on the bit. We’re going to fix that and address it immediately. I don’t want anyone to NOT get their best WOD in. From here on out, I’ll make sure that there’s not a gap between warm up and WOD, as best I can.

Guys, I’m totally approachable about this stuff. I’m NOT going to take honest feedback personally. I WANT this stuff to grow and become something that keeps getting better.


One Response to “Feedback, barbells, mobility, and more.”

  1. Michael Barrera Says:

    Sorry, I will work on my stretching and mobility on my own more often now. I love the wods! I can’t wait until the day is over so I can get to the box and get going on the workout for the day. It’s awesome.

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