Stop waiting.

“I’m going to wait til after the holidays”
“I’m going to wait until New Years”
“I’m going to wait until life slows down a little bit”
“I’m waiting until I get in better shape before I start CrossFit” (wha…?)

STOP THIS. STOP waiting. Know what happens while you wait? You just continue to spiral downward, spinning your wheels and digging deeper and deeper into the mud.

The Holidays are stressful. You’ve got family coming in, you’re making trips to see family, your kids are out of school, you’ve got to decorate, cook, go to parties, work extra hours, blahblahblah. They’re. Stressful. It’s not news. Wanna deal with the stress? Take an hour and a half for yourself three times a week, and work on your mental and physical wellbeing. I promise you, you’ve got nothing to lose and so very very much to gain.
First, it gives you time to decompress from a shitty day at work, or to bleed some stress off while preparing to go meet up with some family or in-laws.
Second, you’re GONNA eat crap. I know that. Hell, I’m going to eat crap. I’m in the process of making plans to make white and dark chocolate peanut butter balls for the family dinner. Combat that by making damn sure you take care of your body and it’s movements.

Wait until New Years? Why? Get started NOW. You’re only prolonging an unhealthy state of living and being. The time to get started is literally right now.

And, let me tell you something. Life NEVER slows down. There’s always SOMETHING nipping at your heels and pushing you along. There’s always going to be something pressing, niggling in your mind telling you to put off taking care of yourself. Always. Ignore it.

Y’all. This can’t wait. Every day, every second, every minute, you’re getting older. You’re getting slower. You’re not getting healthier. Don’t wait.

We’re a fun loving crowd. We laugh a lot. I’ve heard so many belly laughs this past couple of months (admittedly, I’m guilty of a large portion of them). We WANT you here. We WANT new athletes to come in and be a part of what we’ve got going on. We’ll cheer the first one done as enthusiastically as we cheer the last one done. We’ll celebrate your milestones and commiserate your struggles. Every one of us has a kryptonite. I suck at speedy stuff. Throw weight on me and I’ll move it around all day, but make me do burpees or run? Eff. off. I hate that.

Stop waiting. Come in. Give it a shot. You won’t have a moment of regret.


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