I’m blessed to be surrounded by such a varied group of people every day. All of our XFNA athletes have such amazing perspective and insight, it’s truly one of my favorite things to sit and talk with you guys about life and something like it. This morning’s topic was relationships and their development and lasting and getting through them and the ups and downs and in betweens.

Obviously, the subject of communication came up. Communication (and lack of communication) can make or break a relationship. We discussed the whole ‘talking to one another’ thing pretty in depth, actually.
What we didn’t go over and bounce around was the idea of investment.

I’m not talking about finances (though those should be talked about as well). I’m talking about personal investment. Investing in yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. New mommies deal with this lack of investment all the time. The babies are born and we pour ourselves into bringing the Tiny Humans up – handling their every need, want, desire. Trying to anticipate every moment where they may want something…and in doing so, we completely neglect ourselves. Think about it…how many have heard the lament “I barely have time to shower!”? Don’t even ASK a new mom about sex or the last time she wanted it.
Or look at it from Dad’s/Husband’s perspective. Wake up. Commute. Work 8 to 10 hours in a job that may or may not allow some financial breathing room. Commute again. Come home. WANT to not have to do anything because you’ve been working all day. Hear the ‘Honey-do’ list. Mentally tune out. Putter around. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Shower. Try for some sex. Maybe get something that’s best defined as a halfhearted and unenthusiastic attempt at marital intimacy. Pass out. Repeat.

Sounds fun? No? What a way to live.

Lack of investment. Total lack of investment in oneself leads to total lack of ability to invest in anything outside of oneself.

Here’s the CrossFit tie-in.

Getting your ass in here…tired, mentally worn out, beat down from a shitty day at work, preoccupied…however you arrive…is an investment in yourself. It’s something you’re doing for you. It’s not so someone will think you have a nice ass. Random strangers who give you the fuck eyes aren’t looking at your deadlift numbers. You are.
You’re investing in taking care of your body and your mind. You’re choosing to surround yourself with like-minded and generally speaking positive people who support you in your goals and cheer you on when you’re faltering and push you when you think you can’t. This is good decision making, people.

It’s easy to get caught up in feeling selfish for “taking time for myself”, because there’s a voice in the back of your mind that says you could be doing x, y, or z for a, b, c, or d. There’s a voice that says you’re being selfish and you’re not thinking of everyone else and what THEY want.

Screw that voice. Taking 3 to 4 hours a week to work on your health and fitness is NOT selfish. And you know what? Doing it makes you better for everyone else in your life. Your energy increases, your mental outlook shimmies over to the positive side, your sleep improves dramatically, your diet improves, your confidence skyrockets, your mental toughness increases, your waist and ass decrease…all of these things positively impact how you handle your business outside of the box.

So, I say…invest. Take care of yourself. Have the hour where you’re totally focused on you and improving and working yourself. IT WILL make the rest of your life SO. Much. Better. I promise.


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  1. The cat looks like it just got done with wallballs and MBC’s

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