Fat, Stupid Americans…

Any of you guys read the Huffington Post?
It’s pretty amazing, honestly. I’ve got it on my bookmarks, I like digging through and reading the articles. Like Playboy. Without the airbrushing.
Anyway…recently, a lovely little article about the state of our union was published. Epic. Just epic.

The ADA (American Dietetic Association) has complete monopoly on dietary advice. To keep the bubble airtight, the full might of the law has even been implemented. Kim Jong-il would be proud of the attention to detail.

Staggeringly, in 46 out of 50 States, the message the authorities want you to have is protected. The law determines who is able to provide you with nutritional advice.

The Commission on Dietetic Registration is the credentializing agency for the ADA. A practicing dietician not registered with the ADA or CDR is liable to face prosecution in over 90% of the country.

With that in mind, who precisely is ‘sponsoring’ the ADA and the nutritional advice you receive?

My friends, it is a beautiful army. Partners (recent and current — and their latest annual revenue figures):

Coca Cola (revenue $31.4 billion), GlaxoSmithKline (revenue $42.5 billion), Hershey’s (revenue $5.3 billion), Unilever (revenue $55.8 billion), Aramark (revenue: $12.3 billion). There are even some ‘premier sponsors’: Mars (revenue: $30 billion), PepsiCo (revenue $44.3 billion), Truvia sweetener (revenue of parent company Cargill: $116.6 billion), Kellogg’s ($12.7 billion).
ADA ‘sponsors’ have combined revenues of over $400 billion.

Why are these gargantuan companies — whose only intention is to make money, not make you healthy — allowed to fund the ADA?

Incredible. Read the rest of the article. Enlightening. Look at the graphs, look at the links. Do the research.


2 Responses to “Fat, Stupid Americans…”

  1. Great article, although I could do without the title. I still have issues with processing the fact that we are receiving such bad info every where we look. I don’t mind it from the corporations. They make and sell products to make a profit. God bless America. But, realizing how pervasive this info is in our everyday lives in nuts. I guess I have a hard time going down the road of an either planned or accidental “Matrix” like conspiracy that involves the Food corps., the Govt. and Michelle Obama etc. I see it, but I guess I don’t want to believe it.
    Anyways…on the topic of nutrition, I found a good read by John Welbourn of CF Football regarding fruit and fructose. I never woulda thunk it. Enjoy!

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