Disclaimer –

Yesterday someone pointed out to me that my post re: CrossFit women could be interpreted as carte blanche to simply roll through and roll over people sans regard for the feelings of anyone around.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I made a specific list of traits and said, “if these apply, and that label is applied, then I’m okay with it”.

Just to be clear, if a woman walks around with:

– a sense of entitlement
– a pronounced lack of respect for the feelings, boundaries, and emotional connections of others
– a gender card, and isn’t afraid to pull it (e.g. starting a physical altercation with a man, then pulling the gender card and saying she’s a woman, so he should be punished for laying hands on her)
– a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude, without taking into account other perspective or insight, and without seeking further education on her position

That’s not the woman I’m talking about. Those women (generally) aren’t CrossFit women, and I neither want to be associated with or mistaken for one.

I don’t retract anything I said in my previous post, I stand by all of it, but I do want to further state that I think that particular label is misapplied in the case of CrossFit women. I DON’T believe those traits are ‘bitchy’. Much of society, however, does, mainly because it’s been conditioned in that manner. I don’t like that, at all. I’d love for that viewpoint to change. To be honest, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.
So I say again, if the traits I listed before, in my other post, make a woman a ‘bitch’, I’m cool with that. I don’t view those traits negatively. At all. I view women who possess those traits as strong, educated, and largely intelligent. It’s not my label. I didn’t make it up and I certainly didn’t apply it. I, unfortunately, have to wear it though. And if those traits are what make me have to bear that burden, then that, I’m fine with.


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