Barbells, boobies, & J. Gilligan’s – 24 Oct 3 p.m.

So we were talking about places to have the B4B fundraiser, places that would let us lift and throw weight around and grunt and more than likely wear scanty shorts and tops and just really show our personality.

Where better than J. Gilligan’s? The atmosphere is amazing, my Irish responds well, and after we’re done, we can grab a beer. I’m down.
So be there. 24 October at 3 p.m. We’re gonna save second base. Save the tata’s. Show boobies some love.

If you’re not signed up yet, you should be. Not participating? You can still donate. I’m not sure a cure will ever be found for cancer, of any kind. Sometimes (lots of times) it just happens. It’s unfathomable to me that any of you may not have been impacted by breast cancer.

When I was stationed at Ft. Stewart, I worked in the GenSurg/Urology clinic. Being military, in a hospital, we saw dependents as well as servicemembers. Mostly dependents. Since the clinic’s doctors were surgeons, they worked rotations so there would be a doctor in the clinic and two in the OR. One day a week, all three went up to the OR and left the clinic with the staff to do admin work.
It was on one such day that a pair of women walked into the clinic. I say a pair walked but really, one walked purposefully, dragging the other, who had the air of a woman who wanted to be ANYWHERE but where her friend had her at that moment. The friend walks up, firmly gripping her amiga’s hand, and says “She needs to see a doctor.”
After telling Friend that the docs were in surgery all day, and it’d be late in the evening before they broke, and Friend insisting they would wait, the civilians and I gave a hapless shrug and directed them to a seat.
Hours passed. Literally hours. They skipped lunch waiting on the surgeons. They stayed through the afternoon, they stayed through the civilians leaving, until finally it was just my NCOIC and me…and we couldn’t leave because there were patients waiting.
Friend approaches, and says that her amiga NEEDS to see a doctor, and they’re not taking no for an answer. We called the OR and told the surgeons what we’d been told, and they gave us permission to check it out. Being as my NCOIC was a male, I had to provide chaperon service…we went into one of the rooms, and Friend stands back and tells the patient…quietly, but so very firmly…”Show them.”

She raised her shirt up and I can’t adequately describe what I saw that day except to say that THANK GOD my military bearing was in play because it was horrible. I’d never seen anything like it.

See, the patient had already undergone a mastectomy on one side, choosing to keep the (then) healthy breast. Now her left side was enraged – something large and red and just…scary…looking had grown on her breast. We immediately called the surgeons and they gave us instructions.

Unfortunately, her fears were realized, and the cancer had returned. And she waited too long. I wish I could say that the story had a happy ending and Friend had dragged Amiga to the clinic just in time, but I can’t.

This woman had access to medical care, some of the best in the country, and her fear prevented her from stepping in and getting healthy. SO MANY other women don’t have the same access, and those women are who this is for – the women who need access to mammograms, to detect and prevent this disease.

Not signed up yet?

You need to get signed up. Follow the link on the picture above and register today. It’s $35. You spend more on coffee in a week.


2 Responses to “Barbells, boobies, & J. Gilligan’s – 24 Oct 3 p.m.”

  1. I would love to stop by and attend… I just recently had surgery again for another biopsy and Thank the Lord it was begnin. I plan on running a Healthfair soon with a doctor that I share my office space. I am a Chamber Member as well involved in two network groups and would love to have yu stop by and promote healthy nutrition to our clients and patients as well as BreastCancer awareness.. 🙂 thank you~ Bee

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