Decisions decisions

There are a ton of threads on the CrossFit forum asking whether CrossFit is the answer for a whole slew of maladies, ranging from weight to diabetes to being ready for the 20 year high school reunion.
So is it right?

I dunno.
Do you want to work out and actually get results?
Do you want to do a workout that is constantly varied and ever changing?
Do you want to be coached through movements with someone whose focus is on teaching your body the movement, and then making sure you’re safely performing while being challenged?
Do you want guidance on the nutrition your body is designed to utilize?
Do you want to be stronger, faster, and more powerful than you’ve ever been? All at the same time?

Seems pretty easy to me.

There’s an intimidation factor here that I can’t deny. People yell and curse and grunt and if you don’t know what you’re looking at, the workouts seem damned crazy. Who in the WORLD (me) thinks up this stuff anyhow? Throw in the idea of lifting what many people consider to be heavy weights a lot of times and boy. I can understand the apprehension.

That’s okay.

It’s okay to be nervous about changing your life, even when it’s for the better. Just don’t be so intimidated you don’t do anything.


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