Yoga –

Yesterday I told you guys we’d have yoga available to our members.

Here’s the deal:
The amazing Ashtyn is going to start teaching yoga at DR/XFNA on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. You may have seen Ashtyn around the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays – she works with Sean and Team Dyno-Rock. If the classes go well, we’ll expand to other mornings of the week. 🙂
Yoga is free for DR/XFNA members, & for any buddies/drop ins you guys bring the first visit is $12, the second is free, then every drop-in thereafter is $12 a session. Get your bendy on with Ashtyn! You’ll need to bring your own mat, and we should have some available for rental soon. 🙂
Our first yoga “class” will be on 24 October @ J. Gilligan’s as the warmup before Barbells4Boobs.


2 Responses to “Yoga –”

  1. MIKE KERZEE Says:

    Super Cool!

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