Things I’ve been reading.

Dallas Mayor launches initiative to cut childhood diabetes rates.
Want to cut childhood diabetes? FEED YOUR KIDS REAL FOOD YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY COOK AND PREPARE FOR THEM. Turn off the fucking video games (btw, my kids play video games too, but you know what? They get bored. They’d rather play with EACH OTHER AND OTHER CHILDREN than sit on their asses and play vectoids.), turn OFF the TV, SPEND SOME TIME WITH THEM, and teach them to enjoy the movement their bodies are capable of. Use that innate fearlessness to teach them to do flips on monkey bars (I taught myself in first grade – I could do 47 forward flips with one leg hooked over the bar, unbroken. I could do 32 going backward.), take them to the park and let them run themselves ragged playing tag, lacrosse, baseball, hide & seek, etc.

While I’m talking about what’s available to the kids – this city pisses me off because did you know that if you want to play sandlot baseball, you’re not allowed to do it at a baseball field? The parks that our tax dollars pay for, that we as citizens maintain, are not available unless you’re a part of league play. You, or I, can’t take the kids to the baseball field and let them shag balls. Nope. We have to go to some rickety backstop in the middle of a field somewhere and hope for the best. We’ve got these uber nice places for our kids to play, but only if it’s organized.
Let the kids play, man. And feed them bananas, watermelon, green beans, chicken, eggs, steak, REAL cheese, and NOTHING from a wrapper. THAT will stop the diabetes epidemic.

You SUCK as a man.

This was a good read as well. Yeah, it calls QUITE a few folks out, but there’s a vein of truth there that can’t be ignored.

3. Ditch the fake foods
Eat some meat – real meat, like steak, pork, chicken or seafood. Grass-fed, pasture-raised is always preferable. But starting with these at the grocery store is better than what you’ve been doing. And please, ditch the pasta, bagels, chips, breads, most fruits and 99.9% of foods that come in plastic bags or cardboard boxes. They’re inflammatory, they ruin your digestive system and they’re full of hormone disrupters.

They are not good for you, I don’t care what your wife, the food guide pyramid, the guy from CSPI, Dr. Oz, Kelly Brownell, some know it all down the street, “weight loss” programs sending food to your home or counting points say. Even when you don’t suck, they aren’t good for you.

Someone I used to know had low testosterone, and lived eerily similar to the example provided in the article. Low testosterone in a man = Jesus Christ that was a rough four years in MY life. Ugh. But it’s changeable, treatable, and fixable. Anyone here, working hard, crossfitting, moving heavy shit, eating real food, has already taken steps to reclaim his top of the foodchain manhood status.



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