So after a month of looking at your nutrition and making your changes, I hope everyone reaped a fair amount of benefit. We said one person would be awarded a free month for really sticking with it and making a ton of progress.

So CONGRATS to Miss Erin Mulvey for the hard work and dedication. You get a free month and a t-shirt!!! Yay!

It was difficult though, to decide on one winner, because one other person really stood out to us. Crystal! Talk to me the next time you come in my dear!

What I really hope the month taught you guys was to a) read labels, and b) seriously consider what you’re putting into your bodies. I’m not against a slice of cake or a beer or three, but I want those to be knowledgeable choices, made with full awareness of your actions. I really hope you were able to see (like John and I did) how nutrition and the type of and quality of food you eat directly impacts your overall feeling of wellness.

Next on the list?

Sugar. 🙂



  1. Bayer Says:

    Congrats to the winner, the runner up and to everyone who participated.

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